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Woodland Tower Speed Issues (Resolved)

Affecting Server - Person - Woodland [WDLT] | Priority - Medium

Slow Speeds reported.
LightLeap is aware and investigating issues.
Completion is TBD

Update: 1/7/19
We believe we have located an issue with the infrastructure. We have made corrections and we will be monitoring the corrections.

Update: 1/11/19
We have isolated another potential issue that would be causing performance issues. We have made some changes and will be monitoring them over the coming weekend.

Update: 1/14/19
There appears to be a failing piece of hardware on the Person county network. We are going to have a technician dispatched tomorrow in order to correct the problem. Thanks for your patience.

It appears everything is now working properly. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Date - 01/03/2019 16:23 - 01/17/2019 10:29

Last Updated - 01/17/2019 10:29

Yellow Mountain Repeater (Resolved)

Affecting Server - Avery - Yellow Mtn [YELM] | Priority - Critical

We are currently investigating an outage concerning a repeater off of Yellow Mountain. We hope to have it back online shortly.

Date - 01/05/2019 09:19 - 01/11/2019 11:47

Last Updated - 01/05/2019 09:21

Yellow Mountain Outage (Resolved)

Affecting Server - Avery - Yellow Mtn [YELM] | Priority - Critical

Reported By: Engineers

Users Affected: Customers on Yellow Mountain

Cause: Lightning

Workaround: None

Outage Description: Crew is responding now with replacement hardware. Expect to be online within 4 hours.

Date - 08/30/2018 17:50 - 08/30/2018 23:59

Last Updated - 08/30/2018 17:51

Incoming Phone Number (Resolved)

Affecting System - Hickory 1505 Number | Priority - High

We are aware of an issue with some incoming callers to access our main dial-in number for customer service 828-322-1505 we are addressing this issue with Windstream, it is a technical problem on their end related to the number and line.  Meanwhile, if you are affected by this please open a support ticket with your request.  Be aware our Newland number does work and rings into our main phone system  828-737-3004

Note this issue has been resolved.  Both numbers work for calling in.

Date - 08/22/2018 12:46

Last Updated - 08/24/2018 09:32

Outage - Person County (Resolved)

Affecting Other - Person County | Priority - Critical

All customers in Roxboro, Rougemont, Tirzah areas (Person County) are currently offline. We are investigating now.

UPDATE: We have narrowed the issue down to our core switch. Working to get it repaired ASAP.

Date - 08/19/2018 19:06 - 08/20/2018 12:07

Last Updated - 08/19/2018 19:07

TRZT Limited Outage (Resolved)

Affecting Server - Person - Mt Tirzah [TRZT] | Priority - Medium

This evening we were made aware that there is a partial service outage likely due to storm/lightning damage at the Mt Tirzah POP Site.  At this time we are investigating the issue and will have an engineer on site to attempt repairs Monday AM.  This outage has affected our primary backhaul (currently operating on a backup at 100%) as well as several access points interrupting services for less than 5 total customers.

We will post AM and PM updates daily here till this issue is cleared.

8/6 AM Update:  We have a senior engineer on site investigating this outage.  We expect to have a resolution or a plan in place by the PM if a climbing crew is necessary for repairs.

8/6 PM Update:  We believe to have all affected customers back online at this time.  We still have a couple of damaged access points and a few other repairs to make that could cause brief outages through Wednesday.

8/9 AM Update:  All customers should be online and functional at this time.  We are still on schedule to do some maintenance and repair work Wednesday.

Date - 08/05/2018 22:19 - 08/15/2018 15:45

Last Updated - 08/07/2018 11:18

DNS Server Maintenance (Resolved)

Affecting Other - All Areas - All Customers | Priority - Low

Engineers will be updating the DNS server tonight.  We expect no issues with customer traffic as the secondary DNS is not undergoing maintenance.

Maintenance will begin at midnight Thursday night and should take less than 2 hours.

This notice will be updated once the maintenance is complete.

Date - 08/03/2018 00:00 - 08/03/2018 01:16

Last Updated - 08/02/2018 12:49

Intermittent Connection Issues in Newland Are (Resolved)

Affecting Other - Newland Area | Priority - Medium

We are currently having intermittent connection issues for some customers on the Hawshaw Mountain tower.  This seems to be mostly affecting the customers that do not have a clear Line of Sight to the tower.  While we are not sure of the exact cause, a simple reboot of the receiver at your home seems to be the short term solution.  We will provide an update here as we know more.

Update 4:00 PM - We have isolated the issue to a server.  We are working to get it resolved ASAP.  This is being expanded to also cover all customers in the Newland area that do not have a clear Line of Sight to the tower.  Towers include, Hawshaw, Wild Turkey, and Squirrel Creek.

Update 9:00 PM - The server is still having issues but we are working diligently to fix it.  We will continue to provide updates here.

Update 7/23/2018 - Problem has been isolated and should be fixed in the next few hours. We will contact users with open tickets once the system is back operational.

Update 7/23/2018 - The server appears to be stable again now and service is restored to almost all customers.  A few are still down and should “catch up” in a few minutes.  We are continuing to monitor the situation.

Update 7/23/2018 7:00 PM - All services have been restored to full operation.

Date - 07/22/2018 14:00

Last Updated - 07/23/2018 19:14

Emergency Maintenance Hawshaw Tower (Resolved)

Affecting Server - Avery - Hawshaw [HAWT] | Priority - Critical

We have had compaints of slow speed with customers connected to the WNC3HAWTSO5 sector.
All reports and troubleshooting show no issues.
To test more thoroughly, we will be required to the the sector completely offline.
We plan to take it offline at 9 PM EDT and keep the downtime to as little as possible.

Date - 06/17/2018 21:00

Last Updated - 07/20/2018 10:10

Intermittent Issue in Tonys Way area (Resolved)

Affecting System - Tonys Way | Priority - Medium

The LightLeap Team lead by our Engineers developed an upgrade solution for all of Tony's Way. We plan to role the upgrade out this week. You may see our Tech team in your neighborhood soon.
We believe this will improve your service and provide excellent service for the foreseeable future. All the best.  Your Customer Service Team.

We have been allerted to an issue in the Tonys Way area for intermittent connection. We are investigating and will update as we know more.

Date - 07/03/2018 09:28 - 07/17/2018 13:47

Last Updated - 07/11/2018 17:55

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