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Yellow Mountain Internet Site (In Progress)

Affecting Server - Avery - Yellow Mtn [YELM] | Priority - Medium

This notice is to track our progress in getting our Yellow Mountain (YELM) Internet Service Site Back online after a house fire that destroyed the home and most of our equipment.  This was an event unrelated to our systems but damaged and affected our ability to get electricity and a permanent location from this vantage point.

Update as of 12/28/2017

Can you give me an update on the Yellow Mountain AP repair and turn-up?

Answer: NCW arranged for an electrical contractor to establish a temporary meter and cutout for electrical connection a the site.  The Homeowner plans to re-build soon and this has to be taken into consideration along with our plans.  Once electrical connection is re-established, NCW will turn up the service again.

We will call each previous client (first) and those who are on the waiting list for new service at that time.

Update as of 1/4/2018
First thanks for your patience as we are making progress to get this repeater site back online.  We have installed and tested our backup system and hardware.
At this time we are awaiting a permanent source for power and seeking an ETA for when that will be.  Meanwhile, we will continue to brainstorm alternative ideas to supply power till we have a permanent solution.

Update as of 1/5/2018
We are receiving preliminary reports that service has been restored to this site.  Please be aware that there could be brief outages as we work on getting everyone back online.

2am Update:
After further testing, we found that the battery on our temporary power solution will not hold up under the extreme cold temperatures.  We will work tomorrow on a better solution.

1/6/2018 Update:
We are back online at last check at the Yellow Mountain repeater site.  Please be aware that we are doing a temporary power solution as well as a temporary mount for our hardware at this location.  As the site is rebuilt there main be some maintenances that could take service offline.  We expect that to be over the next 6 months.  We will do our best to keep disruptions at a minimum.

Date - 11/28/2017 13:28

Last Updated - 01/09/2018 00:22

Avery County Upgrades Q4 2017 (In Progress)

Affecting System - Avery County | Priority - High

Sites Affected:
Non-Line of Sight Customers only on HAWT (NW2, NE2, SO2), WTKP (OM2), SQCP (OM2)

Dear Valued Customer,

It has come to our attention that customers on certain access points in Avery County NC may be experiencing slower performance than expected. As a result, our engineers have developed and designed an upgrade planned over the course of the next 6 to 8 weeks. This upgrade will resolve any  current speed and performance related issues experienced. Additionally, this upgrade will greatly enhance our capabilities of providing higher throughput and performance gains to those customers wishing to upgrade services in the near future. To ensure a successful upgrade coupled with minimal downtime this project requires a great deal of planning and alignment of resources.  We sincerely appreciate your patience as we work to make these enhancements. Further information will be provided as we approach the time to upgrade. 

Update 12/28/2017

Note that upgrades are underway and currently on schedule.

Date - 11/22/2017 13:22

Last Updated - 12/28/2017 02:52

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