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Lenoir Area nLoS Customers (In Progress)

Affecting Server - Caldwell - Hibriten [HIBM] | Priority - High

In recent days we have had a number of customers serviced by our 2.4GHz omni antenna in the Lenoir Area contact us about sluggish or very poor Internet performance.  We have been able to isolate this issue down to a couple of pieces of hardware.  We believe this to be related to the extreme storms that passed through in Late October that created a number of tornados and wide spread power outages in the region.

Today (Thursday) we are working to schedule a crew to troubleshoot and replace the suspected hardware elements.  Please check back on this page for the latest details regarding the status and a repair ETA.

Check back here for daily updates.

Update 11/2/2017 5pm:
We expect a crew to perform the needed repair around noon on Friday (3rd).  We will post further updates as we have them.

Date - 10/23/2017 16:08

Last Updated - 11/02/2017 16:44

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