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Email Settings

Device Support:

Read Me First

NCW provides email addresses as a complementary service.  It is not part of our account subscriptions and are generally self-supported by the account holder.  We provide setting information as well as phone support to ensure our servers are working properly.  NCW does not support individual devices such as Computers, Laptops, Phones, Tablets, Printers or other electronic devices.  Our staff may be able to help you troubleshoot access to the webmail platform to ensure our server is delivering messages correctly.  If you are having difficulty outside of our webmail platform with retreival of email we recommend first to verify your settings against those provided in this article.  If you still have difficulties we can reccomend that you work with an hourly IT professional for training or individual device support.

If you require domain based email or professional email support we refer customers to Dynamic Technologies where you can purchase commercial email packages starting at $10/mo.

After September 24, 2013 use the following settings:

Server Type:  POP3 (IMAP may work however it is not supported)

Incoming Mail Server: or (
Outgoing Mail Server: or (

SSL Encryption Off (Note, if you require SSL Encryption it is possible but the server may give a certificate warning)

Email Address:  (Enter your complimentary NCW email address) or
User/Account: (Enter your complimentary NCW email address)
Password:  (Enter the password for your email account. 

Advanced Settings:

- Enable Authentication for Outgoing Mail (SMTP)  - using the same credentials
- Ensure that your email client settings remove the messages from our server within a few days of being downloaded.  If you do not it is likely that you will exceed your mailbox quota and potentially corrupt your server-side mailbox.  Once mailboxes exceed 50MB in size slower performance and potential problems can occur.

Additional / Alternate Settings:

Incoming mail (POP/IMAP):
Outgoing mail (SMTP):
Port Numbers:
110, 995* (POP)
143, 993* (IMAP)
25, 587, 465* (SMTP)

Webmail access: 

* SSL Ports

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